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Project for Construction of Fishing Port Facilities at Vung Tau

Project for Construction of Fishing Port Facilities at Vung Tau

The Client

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam


Vung Tau, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

Construction Term

February 1996 to September 1997

The Consultant

Fisheries Engineering Co., Ltd.

The Contractor


<Civil Works>

1. Fish landing jetty (for large coastal vessels)
- L 120 m x W 15 m
2. Pontoon jetties (for small coastal vessels)
- L 50 m x W 6 m x 2 units
3. Shore protection
- L 290 m

<Architectural Works>

1. Ice-making plant bldg. (Floor area: 408 sq.m.)
- Ice-making plant (Capacity:200 ton/day, Block ice)
- Ice storage (1,000 tons)
2. Chilling and cold storage facilities (Floor area: 627.5 sq.m.)
- Quick freezing Machine (Capacity:1.2 ton/6 hours x 2 units)
- Cold storage (135 tons)
- Chilling storage (100 tons)
3. Fish handling cum market bldg. (Floor area: 3720 sq.m.)
4. Workshop (Floor area: 210 sq.m.)
5. Administration bldg. (Floor area: 868 sq.m.)
6. Warehouse (Floor area: 196 sq.m.)
7. Elevated water tank (50 cu.m.)
8. Others
- Public lavatory
- Substation
- Shed for fire fighting pumps & waste water treatment facilities


1. Radio equipment
- SSB, VHF, Portable VHFs
2. Transport vehicles
- Truck, Van, Truck crane, Forklifts
3. Fish & Ice handling equipment
- Conveyors, Pallets, Pull cars, Platform scales, Hand trucks, etc.
4. Supply equipment
- Ice crushers, FRP shooters, Hose reel
5. Workshop equipment
6. Environmental protection equipment
7. Mobile fire extinguishers

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