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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a consultant engineering firm in the field of international cooperation, we have been working to support developing countries in the fishing and marine transportation sectors through Official Development Assistance (ODA). 
Through these business activities, we not only pursues our own profits, but also fulfils its responsibility as a member of society by contributing to solving various problems. 

We also consider maintaining the quality of the workplace environment as an important aspect of sustainability.

In addition to building stronger relationships of trust with our stakeholders, we strive to resolve social and environmental issues through our business activities, and aim to further realize a prosperous and sustainable society.

Our Work Style

Diversity / Work-Life Balance

We believe that respecting each employee is the driving force behind business growth. For this reason, we place emphasis on promoting diversity, which enables a diverse workforce, regardless of age or gender, to fully demonstrate their individuality and abilities and play an active role.


We also introduce a variety of systems to accommodate diverse lifestyles, such as flextime and teleworking, to create a comfortable working environment.

As of September 2023, Percentage of women among employees is approximately 40%, and percentage of women board members is 25%.

Promoting Gender Equality

As of October 28, 2019, we received the “Eruboshi (Level 2) “certification under the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace by the Minister of Health. 
We will continue to develop systems and environments that support the continued participation of women, such as returning to work after maternity or paternity leave and childcare initiatives.

Support for Family Care

In order to support a better balance between work and family life, we have integrated and revised its "Childcare Leave and Shorter Working Hours Regulations" and "Family Care Leave and Shorter Working Hours Regulations" to form the "Childcare and Family Care Leave Regulations", allowing employees to take leave on a half-day basis.

Flexible Work / Telework Program

We have introduced a flextime system and a telework system to allow employees to work while balancing childcare and nursing care.
Through this system, we aim to achieve harmony between lives and work and an efficient working environment, as well as to maintain and improve productivity.

Healthy Company Declaration Certification

Our company is actively engaged in health management and health promotion initiatives, and on April 7, 2021, we received a certified by the Japan Health Council as "a company that has an excellent health management." "Silver Certificate"
We will continue to aim to create a work environment where all employees can work actively and positively, not only physically but also mentally and physically.

Coordinator of the Promotion of Health and Employment Support

By appointing 'health and employment support promotion coordinators', support and human resources are provided to ensure that employees who are willing and able to work but need treatment for an illness can continue to work with peace of mind, and do not miss on treatment opportunities for their work.

Promoting Reemployment for Seniors

For a smoothly pass on skills and know-how to the next generation from seniors, we have introduced a re-employment system for seniors.
Through this system, we will continue to aim to maintain and improve our corporate culture, as well as the motivation in life and work as leaders and supporters for seniors.

Our Work Style
Quality Control

Quality Control and Corporate Governance


Our company goal is to “Earning customers’ trust and evaluation through impartial, high-standard, wide-ranged and integrated services. We aim to be a company with integrity that is trusted by shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and local stakeholders

In 2018, our company got certificate of “ISO 9001 Quality Management System”, which is published by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and recognized worldwide as the quality management standard.
By appointing an ISO/Quality Control member and a compliance control function, we are working to continually update our services quality as a trustable company.

Information Management Rules

We have established "Information Management Regulations and Management Standards" and strives to appropriately manage and utilize confidential information by stipulating the necessary measures.

Security Action

"SECURITY ACTION" is a program by "the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA)"  for small and medium-sized enterprises to self-declare their commitment to information security measures for a safe and secure IT society.
By declaring SECURITY ACTION (Level 2), we ensure that all board members and employees are aware of the importance of information assets and comply with legal and customer contractual obligations.

Compliance Guidelines

By establishing the 'Corporate Ethical Conduct Guidelines', we incorporate compliance into our management policy and ensures that all board members and employees comply with laws and regulations and perform their duties in accordance with socially accepted norms and ethics.
We have also appointed a "Compliance staff" under the direct control of the representative director and carry out compliance activities including employee education. 
In conducting JICA's projects, we carry out our activities in accordance with the "JICA Anti-Corruption Guidance" by JICA, as additionally regulations. 

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives

Promoting Environmentally Conscious Design

The escalation of environmental problems such as natural disasters and global warming in recent years, as well as the growing environmental awareness of end-users, the depletion of resources and rising prices, have increased demand for "Design for Environment" (DfE).
In ODA projects, we actively adopt environmentally friendly design approaches at the design stage of facilities and vessels, based on a comprehensive assessment of the client's needs and budget.
In shipyards and construction sites during the construction process, we are also practicing environmental considerations as consultants through the reuse of construction materials, dust and noise control, segregation of recycled resources and the use of PCa in structures.


Achieving the SDGs through our Business

Based on our company goals "Offering better solutions by understanding the challenges facing that local stakeholders are facing", we have been working to support various developing countries through ODA projects.


In particular, ODA in the fisheries sector we involved, not only important in reducing poverty and promoting food self-sufficiency by supporting artisanal fishermen in developing countries, but also has significant relevance to the sustainable use of marine resources and gender considerations. In the 17 SDGs adopted at the UN Summit as Sustainable Development Goals, these include 1 (poverty), 2 (hunger), 5 (gender) and 14 (marine resources).
In addition, through ODA in other fields we involved, such as vessel construction, we are working to resolve social issues through our corporate activities in areas such as 8. Economic Growth and Employment and 16. Peace.

Contribution to the SDGs (Examples)

Based on our corporate philosophy of "facing the issues faced by local stakeholders and proposing better solutions," we have been working to support various developing countries through ODA projects.

Preparatory Survey on the Fisheries Center Development Plan of Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation, Bangladesh

Project type: Fish landing site development

Implementing country: Bangladesh

Preparatory Survey on the Development Plan for Fisheries Training Center in Mauritania

Project type: Fisheries training center renovation

Implementing country: Mauritania

Preparatory survey for maritime security capacity improvement plan (patrol vessels, piers)

Project type: Ship construction/pier maintenance

Implementing country: Djibouti


Project type: Cargo-passenger ship

Implementing country: Tuvalu

Project type: Cargo-passenger ship

Implementing country: Tuvalu

Support for strengthening the maritime security systems of three Micronesian countries (Republic of Palau, provision of patrol vessels, construction of mooring facilities and government buildings)

Project type: Patrol boat + Coast Guard building

Implementing country: Palau

Zanzibar Malindi fishing port fish market renovation project

Project type: Fishing port fish market renovation

Implementing country: Tanzania

Togo Port Lomé Fishing Port

Project type: Fishing port development

Implementing country: Togo

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