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About FEC


'Fisheries Engineering Co.,Ltd.' was established in 1977 with the aim as a consultant engineering firm providing advanced knowledge and technology to meet ODA needs. 
Since then, the company has worked on various project in the fisheries development, including fishing ports, aquaculture facilities, fisheries complexes, training centers, fishing vessels and research vessels.
In response to the increasingly diverse needs of the fishing and marine sectors. we have also expanded our scope of work into consulting services for patrol vessels and ferries, the education and research facilities and technical support services, and have participated in projects in more than 30 developing countries over a period of more than 45 years.
We have accumulated technical know-how through our experience of challenging different solution methods adapted to the specific conditions of each project.

Based on those background, with the three pillars of 'Environment and Fisheries' , 'Civil and Architect' and 'Naval' as our engineering service, we keep challenging to contribute to a wide range of projects in the fisheries and marine sectors and related fields, in developing countries, by meeting the needs of the trends and clients through Project finding, Basic design survey, Detail design and construction supervision.


 For a better future in developing countries and the whole world, we will take on the challenge of providing optimal solutions of global environment conservation and human security, and realizing a sustainable society, with our experience and technologies.

Fisheries Engineering Co., Ltd.

​ President   Akira UCHIDA


1977 Aug.

Established in Nampeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

1985 Sep.

Head office relocated to Shinjuku 1-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

1994 Jun.

Conducted first large-scale facility project  (Project for Construction of Fishing Port Facilities At Vung Tau, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam).

1997 Mar.

Conducted first cargo and passenger ship project (PROJECT FOR CONSTRUCTION OF THE INTER-ISLANDS NAVIGATION VESSEL, Independent State of Samoa).

2006 Nov.

Conducted the remote island port project (the Project for Improvement of Funafuti Port, Tuvalu).

2011 Nov.

Head office relocated to 2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

2014 June.

Conducted a highly challenging moated port project in Africa (THE PROJECT FOR IMPROVEMENT OF FISHING PORT IN LOME, Republic of Togo)

2016 Apr.

Conducted 3 sector (ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, BERTH and Patrol vessel) complex projects (The Project for Enhancing Coast Guard Capabilities, the Republic Of Palau)

2017 Aug.

40th anniversary of the company's foundation


The organization is structured with major five specialties: civil, architecture, naval, environment and fisheries.


Major Experiences

Our services include planning and formulation of surveys, preparation of specifications, guidance and contracting of survey work, analysis of data, as well as design, project cost estimation and construction supervision, in the fisheries and marine project.


Artisanal fisheries development (Fisheries center)

Fisheries distribution facility

Aquaculture facility

Educational facilities  (Training centers)

Research facility design

Training facility design

Resources management

fishing port/port

Vessel (Research vessel, fishing vessel)

Vessel (Passenger vessel, ferry)


Project finding survey

project evaluation

technical support (Training and education of local maintenance and management personnel and stakeholders, support for the establishment of associations, etc.)



republic of marshall islands

republic of palau

federation of micronesia

kingdom of tonga

republic of fiji


solomon islands

Independent State of Samoa



people's republic of bangladesh

the Socialist Republic of Vietnam


Republic of the Union of Myanmar

federal democratic republic of nepal

SEAFDEC(Southeast Asia Fisheries Development Center)


Republic of Cape Verde

republic of gabon

republic of cameroon

republic of congo

republic of seychelles

Republic of Senegal

united republic of tanzania

republic of togo

republic of malawi

republic of madagascar

republic of mozambique

kingdom of morocco

islamic republic of mauritania

Central and South America


republic of peru

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